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Presenting Next

April 01, 2015
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Leo Combat LLC

Robert Lyman

Novel accessories for law enforcement, training, and concealed carry (eventually to include firearms, but not yet). Designed (and some manufactured) here in Colorado.

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We are a group of paramedics who create products to better patient care starting with EMS. Our product is a secure image/video transmission smart phone app for better ER preparation and more accurate registration.

Meet the Organizers

Antoine Valot avalot

UX consultant for enterprise and startup clients in the Denver/Boulder area, formerly a developer, designer, marketer and business analyst. Master of all tech trades, jack of none.
Whale UX

Breahna Beecher @breahnag

Entrepreneur focused on solving problems and helping other entrepreneurs through software design & development. Tech community builder and founder of Revive Design Studios.
Revive Design Studios

Brent Cutcliffe

Corrine Long @EdgeLinkCorrine

Corrine is a Technical Recruiter for EdgeLink, boutique technology staffing firm based in Denver/Boulder. Corrine is a Denver native, and is excited to be an active part of her community.

Martha Brown @brownbearsm

Internet Marketing Consultant to Startups and Nonprofits, focusing on establishing a solid strategy to make your online efforts a success!
Brown Bear Social

Past Organizers
Gary Gaessler @ggaessler
Sam Schreiner @authentisity
Karen Suhaka @smoodle

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Colorado Lending Source has spent nearly 25-years helping small business grow. As Colorado's trusted not-for-profit lender, we provide the financing, education and support entrepreneurs need to succeed. We are committed to our mission of fostering the economic growth of diverse small businesses within our communities.

This spring, Daniels is giving away tuition to its most popular Professional Short Courses ($1,500 value per seat).Courses include “Business Model Canvas,” & “Finance for Entrepreneurs”. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Daniels and benefit firsthand from its network of students, alumni and faculty.

Enter to win a seat in a Daniels Professional Short Course:


Through collaborative-based community, an immersive software development skills platform (gSchool) and entrepreneur-focused educational programs, Galvanize creates a “co-learning” campus for digital startups and innovators. Galvanize is harnessing the network effect for digital entrepreneurs with campuses in Denver, Boulder and San Francisco.

Past Presenters

Mixteka, Inc.


Mixteka is a virtual DJ service for weddings. Users invite their friends and guests to recommend music, they easily create the perfect playlist with prerecorded emcee announcements and use our offline mobile music player to create the best reception ever. At only a fraction the cost of a typical DJ, Mixteka fits the bill for many people who are looking for alternatives for their wedding entertainment.

The Flutter Box


Once a month we ship couples a mystery date in a box. Boxes can include tickets to a show, dinner, candles, massage oils etc...

Think Global Institute


We are a global business accelerator for women entrepreneurs in the growth stage. We believe women are the catalyst for a connected, collaborative world.

BioCare Systems


We developed the first effective and affordable near infrared light therapy device with proven applications in sports injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI)/Concussion. We gained FDA clearance and arranged distribution through nationwide retailers like Brookstone. We demonstrated commercial traction through test marketing - selling more than $25k in one day on a push email campaign.

Pure Cultures llc


Manufacturer of probiotics or the good bacteria needed in the digestive system.

Mind Rocket, LLC


Mind Rocket, LLC is a product design and development firm bringing innovative technologies and products to market. The first of these is a device-based sleep aid that employs brainwave measures in a biofeedback loop.

Strategic Economic Engineering Corp. SEEC


At SEEC is a world class team of economists, mathematicians, and programmers with experience in a wide spectrum of industries. We provide bleeding edge data-driven machine learning and forecasting software powering a wide array of potential applications, as well as advisory services.

Cheddar Up


Cheddar Up (www.cheddarup.com) is the simplest way to collect and track online payments from a group. Its initial laser focus is on schools and moms who are still primarily handling these type of group transactions with checks and paper forms. Its wildly simple user interface makes collecting online payments accessible to anyone. Its users can create custom online payment pages in a matter of seconds for almost anything. Cheddar Up features robust online payer tracking, automatic reminders, no fees for the collector, custom form fields, and the ability for people to pay in as few as three clicks. PTAs across the country, in particular, are finding it wildly useful. Think of it as the evite of online payments.

Equipment Village


P2P Equipment Rental allows contractors to rent out their equipment to other contractors to earn money on underutilized equipment and save on expenses of rental equipment.

Ibotta, Inc


Ibotta is a technology company building tools to empower consumers and simplify their daily lives. We've done this by completely reimagining the way consumers learn about and interact with their favorite brands. The result is a mobile experience that replaces couponing with fun game-like interactions giving consumers what they actually want: rebates redeemable in all major retailers, and real cash rewards instead of credit or points.

See The Change USA


See The Change USA is a non-profit organization, 501 (c) 3 committed to student advancement in Science & Engineering. This is accomplished through introducing physics in middle schools, paralleling what is already in existence internationally. Our goal: To implement our age appropriate Physics curriculum and professional development program in middle schools across the nation.

TwoNoo LLC


TwoNoo is focused on helping people make real connections with people that share common interests. The site allows you to search for nearby activities or create one for others to join. It’s the perfect place to find a mountain biking, fly fishing, Scrabble playing, craft beer tasting, volunteering or business networking buddy!

Colorado Capital Congress PBC


Public benefit corporation seeking to improve the capital ecosystem in Colorado by improving the skills and capabilities of capital industry participants, by creating new infrastructure, communications and collaboration, supporting local communities.



SlamData is open source software that makes analytics and BI simple for modern NoSQL data. Current solutions require developers to write complex code or map data using ETL into new locations. SlamData makes it easy for anyone to gain insights and value from data stored in modern databases like MongoDB, Cassandra and more.

Fear-Less Solutions


Fear-Less Solutions provides an easy, simple and discreet GPS device that calls for help when you need it most, through our patent pending Aros Technology. Harvest Grown ran our Beta test and compiled our market research which provided results that 91% of our target demographic agreed we should launch our product. Fear-less Solutions was established in 2013 by CEO and Founder Jacqueline Ros. Inspired by love for her sister, who was attacked twice before the age of 17, Jacqueline insisted on finding a solution to the problem of self-security. We created Fear-Less Solutions to become a successful, timeless business in order to provide unique, sleek solutions to physical violence and make the world a safer place. Committed to our customers and people, Fear-Less will become a global leader in personal security.

We are building a B2B business intelligence platform for small and medium businesses. “Ben” calculates a 2.0 credit score via our advanced algorithm to more fairly depict a company’s image by today’s standards.



Here at Notion, we believe you deserve to know what's happening in your home even when you're not there. You deserve home intelligence. Notion does just that - it gives you continuous knowledge about what's happening in your home. We came up with the idea after the incessant beeping of a dead smoke-alarm drove Ryan's dog crazy. After coming how to chaos, we asked ourselves what we could do to prevent such incidents. Soon after, our home intelligence device was born.

Vortic Watches


A start-up company focused on creating innovative, American made watches and watch accessories. Started by four Penn State University students, Vortic Watches has multiple patents pending regarding watch bands and watch cases. Vortic is based in Fort Collins, Colorado building custom made watches and designing the future of wrist wear.



ChefShares connects chefs and restaurants to food lovers everywhere. Chefs can share their culinary expertise by selling recipes to foodies online. Foodies find unique, professional recipes, and help support their local independent restaurants.

History Spots


History Spots is a digital media company delivering "historical marker" content to the education, tourism and preservation marketplace.

Cause 5 Digital Technology


See and feel the impact of beautiful storytelling on your computers, tablets, touchscreens, and mobile devices all. Cause 5 is a new software platform defined by its ability to engage donors and volunteers with nonprofits in a digitally advanced experience. This software is a tool to bridge the gap between nonprofits and technology. Cause 5 is an engaging touch-enabled website optimized for desktops and mobile devices, and an Android and iPhone app customized and designed for each organization.

Hemera Project


The Q1: An easy-to-use portable solar charger for the everyday. It’s a sleek wearable that can turn sunshine and most ambient light into extra energy while you wear it. When you realize your phone is running on fumes, Q1 is there to get you a few more hours of use in a fun, green way. a purchase of the Q1 will also provide the gift of light to a child in need with Nokero Solar lights.



We are an agricultural data analytics company enabled by drones that help farmers increase their yields and minimize their environmental impact.

Simple Smoothies


Simple Smoothies is the premeire organic, locally sourced ready-to-blend smoothie manufacturer and seller. We're currently getting ready to launch or 3 flagship flavors that proudly feature Colorado sourced ingredients.

Blue Star Recyclers


Blue Star Recyclers is an award winning social enterprise with a mission of ethically recycling electronics and other materials to create jobs for people with autism and other disabilities. The fulfilment of that mission to date has produced significant bottom line results, including - 30 jobs in Colorado, 6 million pounds of electronics recycled, and over $3 million in taxpayer savings and earned income.



The Ultimate Multi-Gym Membership. We sell memberships good at any studio or gym in our network. We have 42 locations, so members can choose from 2,000+ classes per week and mix-and-match classes, drop-ins, and open gym visits as much as they'd like. We have built a solid application to allow members to reserve and cancel classes, as well as create a workout schedule for the upcoming week.



geekrowd loves social, so we have built the first Social Platform that is agnostic to what device, language, or thing you love. The best part is, we built it for you! No more do you have to worry about: where am I gonna host, what technologies am I gonna use, how am I gonna scale when I get my first million users. We figured that out for you!



A sweet spin on eGifting. We are changing the way people send gifts. With Suarwish, you send an eCard letting them know they have received a sweet gift and then receiver picks what candy they would like to receive. Sweet Happiness. Delivered.

Flowh Connects the Internet of Events with People "We fix the Web Calendar World" Three elements: Lifestyle Calendar - Social media calendar in the style of Twitter All that is expected from a world class social media platform Event Commerce - Leverage calendars for marketing and community Reach, engage, and stay connected with the audience Personal Sourcing - Follow any web calendar with a single click No more cut/paste, re-entry, or complex syncing www.flowh.com/1millioncupsCO



The smartest way to sell videos online. InteliVideo lets you sell videos securely without giving up your brand, your customer or your data.



Domain names, web hosting, website builder... everything you need to get online. Focused on the new domain names coming out like .NINJA, .SOCIAL, etc... I put the founding date as when we started focusing on and releasing these now domain name extensions.

Quandary Crowdfunding, LLC


Quandary Crowdfunding, LLC is a crowd funding consulting firm that assist in pre and post launch strategy, filming/photography, and social media campaigning for reward-based platforms.

Quick Left


Quick Left Inc. is a leading provider of innovative software development services and tools headquartered in Boulder, Colo. Its services team specializes in web development, design, training and mobile applications. The company also operates Sprintly, a development management platform designed to power a more productive relationship between teams and their managers. Together with Sprintly, Quick Left accelerates software product launches with a process defined by accountability, simplicity, scalability and today’s smartest web technologies.



Raspberry is hitting the reset button on commerce and changing the way we make and take payments, with a focus on security and privacy.



For 32 years, bounced email has been ignored. At bounce.io, we are turning bounces into a new user experience, a new revenue channel and new threat intelligence.

Mad Genius Radio


Truly Personalized Radio

Lebertech Technology Services


A nonprofit technology consulting firm that specializes in the implementation, management and enhancement of The Raiser’s Edge and other Blackbaud products.



SeekPanda (www.seekpanda.com) is an online marketplace for interpretation and translation in mainland China and Taiwan. We can help event organizers, business travelers, and anyone doing business in China to find interpreters and translators that have the right combination of industry experience, availability, and price. As a double-sided marketplace focused on business language professionals in China, our "Pandas" speak Chinese so that you don't have to.



ShareLingo is a social enterprise that believes in connecting communities through language. We do this by offering outreach in the form of classes with 5 native speakers of both Spanish and English. We believe that through the medium of language, we can help break down barriers such as fear of embarrassment, location, motivation, technology, and cost, to create a more unified and accepting society. We have a goal of having one million students, and of taking our language classes national, then global!

Truth Teacher Services


We are a Colorado-registered teacher placement company that works with schools around the world, especially China and Korea (also Turkey, Brazil, and Vietnam). We have 8 years of experience in the ESL market in Asia and we place certified and non-certified teachers at international, private, and public schools, as well as SAT test prep and ESL learning centers.

Lynk-it, LLC


Lynk-it converts construction drawings to a linked/interactive drawing set that allows contractors to use them in the field.

SPF Solutions


We live in a world where efficiency is rewarded. We look for efficiency in how we consume energy, how we invest money, and most of all, how we use our time. At SPF Solutions, we focus on helping individuals make the most of their time by: 1) Automating repetitive and predictable tasks 2) Reducing nearly repetitive tasks to the core elements of personal interaction 3) Untethering tasks from unproductive environments

Mersive is a leading provider of display management and collaboration software that enables a new class of smart displays. Mersive’s Solstice software allows multiple users to simultaneously connect and share any display from a range of mobile devices. Mersive’s Sol software automatically aligns multiple projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution. These products create affordable display systems that foster interaction, creativity and decision-making among knowledge workers.

TinkerMill, A Colorado Non Profit Corporation


TinkerMill is Colorado's largest makerspace with over 120 active paying members. It is a community workshop we share tools, knowledge and expertise. Members join to teach, learn and create. Supporting entrepreneurship and new product and company creation is a key function of TinkerMill.

Essentially, we're America's Funniest Home Videos if it landed in a hot tub full of Millennials. We challenge and incentivize our users to create great video content, and let our viewer base watch and vote for the best videos on our gamified platform. Get off the couch and go film an awesome video, it'd be cooler if you did.



MeetMindful is a dating site for the Whole Foods customer. We are the first online dating site to target 40 million singles in the Mindful Living Market. We're also the first company to seamlessly combine online dating services with differentiated personal development content publishing and distribution capabilities to help our users date better and more successfully.

Extrakt specializes in the automatic retrieval and aggregation of public records from the web. We go right to the source daily ensuring the freshest, most accurate information available. Extrakt also provides business phone append with one of the highest append rates in the industry.



We provide realtime updates to customers that take their car to the Auto Dealership for service work.



We provide clear and easy transaction data visualization and exchange information to Crypto currency users so that they can see their net worth and crypto status quickly and easily.

FlyinAway Travel Technologies


FlyinAway exists to make the travel experience cheaper, better and more enjoyable. Our newest product--FareScout--is an app that takes the guesswork out of your decision to book a flight. FareScout has access to the same historical information that airlines use to build their pricing models and it presents you with a simple "buy or wait" format. It’s quick and simple to use and it eases your anxiety about booking a flight.

Icing on the Cake Productions, Inc. dba Purejoojoo.com


Creating a world where you can be who you are using the power of your own thoughts and the power of your own breath. Purejoojoo teaches how to respond consciously to your learned unconscious reactions. Purejoojoo teaches how to celebrate everything that you are and everything that you have right now. Purejoojoo teaches how to return to you because you are the only YOU in this world. The ONLY thing you can control in Life is your conscious response. Change your life by changing your thoughts. IT IS POSSIBLE.



We are PetroDE and are delivering the world’s first real-time geospatial decision systems. Our first vertical is Oil & Gas, so we are currently solely known to industry by our dba, PetroDE, though we are incoporated as Vesmir Inc. Though our company is older than three years, we've only been full-time on the project since January of 2014, when we landed seed funding.



CraftedHere is the marketing platform of a winning Hackathon team founded in Colorado trying to innovate how people find all the local craft industries. With a map focused application this statewide tourist friendly app makes all your favorite crafts more accessible.



Craftsy is the premier destination for creative enthusiasts to pursue their passion. We offer online classes, project kits and supplies to quilters, knitters, sewists, cake decorators, artists, gardeners, photographers, cooks, crocheters, jewelry makers and other creative enthusiasts.

Dream Fabricator


Dream Fabricator™ is an online marketing firm powered by competitive, creative, and innovative leaders. We offer our clients end-to-end online solutions. Our services include website design for small businesses, SEO & SEM services, email/domain hosting, social media integration, and online resumes!

The Love Your Job Project


We teach recruiting industry secrets and skills, strategies and resources to frustrated women job seekers between the ages of 21-35 so that they can find and land the jobs they really want. We educate and inspire with our paid online Career Firebrand Job Seeker E-Course - in addition to a weekly online career series where we tackle a different topic during each episode and feature special bonus episodes for our Beers With Executives series.



ikonomo is a grocery price comparison and shopping list application that helps people find the best place to shop for their weekly groceries. Shoppers simply enter their list, compare across multiple stores to see a total bill comparison for their personal list each week.

Ubiterra Corporation


Cloud data repository for the Energy industry.



We teach young adults how to develop software and then get them jobs. Our first two classes enjoyed a 460% pay increase after our 2-month paid bootcamp. Changing lives is what we do.



We at TaxTrax believe that the tax filing process can and should be extremely simple if it is broken down into the following three steps: (1) Keeping track of your expenses or Bookkeeping, (2) Proper budgeting & tax planning, and (3) tailored Tax advise from a professional. We are focused on providing end-users the best tools in keeping track of expenses, providing on-demand tax advise, and strategic business planning suggestions that they value.

Corporate Compassion, Mad4charity.org

not up yet

MAD4Charity.org is a one stop shop for people to donate AND volunteer. Utilizing crowdfunding technology and dating website technology to match volunteers, MAD4charity.org looks to be the go-to web site to bring people and nonprofits together.

Simplur is a web platform that helps connect donors to campaigns through a centralized social network capable of engaging and amplifying numerous individual donations. From a single sign-on site, users can give and learn about campaigns relevant to them. Influencers can aggregate collective donations and community support via our Pluralized Funds tool. Campaigns can engage, influence, and retain donor contributions through a social network of opportunities.

Software Development For Google Glass


Software Development for Google Glass is chock full of the information you need to become a proficient Glassware developer. It covers how to design, build and distribute Glassware. With an encyclopedia of information about the history and current state of the Google Glass explorer program and five software projects documented with code and pictures, it is the definitive resource for Glass development and programming Google Glass. This printing is code tested against XE17 and has XE17 specific updates.



Smart devices are here: Wireless thermostats, activity monitors, networked music systems and a whole host of devices in the home. Yonomi is a free app that makes interacting with connected devices simpler so you can get back to the important things: enjoying life.

10plus is a locally based, social marketplace which allows budding entrepreneurs to market their services and skills and people who need stuff done to purchase these services through our mobile application for a starting price of just $10.

Test My Tech


Technical Interviews on a whole new level! A Real Technical Interview on a Real Server makes technical screening a breeze!



Bidpro provides instant auto repair quotes from several reputable auto mechanics and shops within a potential customers area.

Looklist - Fashion Search


Looklist is changing how visual fashion content is indexed and discovered. An intuitive curated streetstyle search engine.

LegiNation, Inc.


Your search engine for democracy.

Qwinix Technologies


Full service business IT solutions provider focused on modern development platforms and Agile and Lean methodologies.



EdgeRocket offers a new and dramatically better way for companies to provide online learning for their employees. Based on a saas model, the EdgeRocket web application allows employees to identify and access great learning resources (such as online courses, videos or articles) so they can build knowledge and skills, and track their learning accomplishments. EdgeRocket also provides social learning tools and administration functionality for company managers.



At eIntero our mission is to create a Comm-YOU-nity that transforms the way we work. eIntero provides a collaborative marketplace that delivers valuable, scalable and reliable software solutions. Leveraging the power of our software development ecosystem, eIntero's integrated Comm-YOU-nity produces better results, faster and for less. Discover what inspired collaboration can do for you.

The Empowered Kitchen


The Empowered Kitchen (TEK) teaches people to be confident cooks and to cook nutritious, affordable, sustainable and most importantly, delicious meals! We focus on practical cooking skills that are accessible for all and teach you to be excited about experimenting with flavors and ingredients in the kitchen. We also teach how to reduce food waste and how to save money by using all the parts of fruits and vegetables in delicious dishes that enhance your meals. We want to keep the classes affordable too.

CU-Boulder crowdfunding effort. Design organic photocatalyst to chemically recycle carbon dioxide (CO2) into a liquid fuel (methanol) using sunlight to power our future!



LessonsOnly was created to help connect athletes and students with qualified instructors. First-hand knowledge of the challenges parents face in finding good instructors for their children motivated me to create a tool to facilitate this process for others. You will find youth sports, music, tutors and more on our website. Students will be able to search and compare instructors on our site and then be able to take a FREE introductory lesson to make sure they are compatible with the instructor.

Your Local Connection LLC


Your Local Connection (YLC) works with manufacturing companies to understand the total cost of their manufacturing and or sourcing activities and locations. When it makes financial sense, YLC assists clients in the process of moving their manufacturing or supplier base closer to their markets to achieve cost savings and improve lead time. Further, YLC can use the same principles for this process of "local-shoring" to help start-ups in the growth phase to scale their manufacturing operations.



Groundwork designs fun, interactive workshops intended to reveal the specific skills and competencies you’re looking for in your next great hire. Using design thinking and game theory, we show you who works well in a team, holds up under pressure, takes the initiative or thrives under changing conditions. We customize short workshops based on your company’s culture and core values. Whether you need adaptability, problem solving, creativity or something else entirely, let us help you find someone amazing!

RockPile Energy Services


We are trailblazers in the field of energy completion services. Established in 2011, RockPile is leading the way with better production methods, greater efficiency and safer worksites for people and the environment. Never settling for status quo, we continue to break through barriers to productivity and clean environment initiatives in fracturing, proppant technology and chemical optimization.



CannLabs is a full service testing lab for cannabis products including: flower, concentrates, budder, oils, hash, waxes, drinks, tinctures, and all edibles.

There's 50+ CRM's, 20+ Marketing Automation Tools, 60+ Email Marketing Tools, and Accounting tools better then Quickbooks. All of these can help a start-up quickly scale if you find the right fit for your business and implement them correctly. A lot of start-ups don't have time though to sort through the options or set them up correctly. This is where we come in. We help start-ups through the noise of cloud apps to find tools that will help them scale.

The Choozle platform provides a SIMPLE end-to-end digital marketing platform that includes data-driven audience insights, audience targeting, and real-time ad campaign management and optimization. We enable front-line digital marketers with a data-driven audience analytics toolkit that let all other website analytics and user demographic platforms fall by the wayside. With Choozle digital marketers have the ability to measure their website visitors against multiple leading data feeds for a complete and real-time snapshot of who is actually visiting their site. With the addition of our media planning tools, digital marketers can plan and implement digital media campaigns that deliver to their target audience. Through our real-time ad campaign management and optimization tools, digital marketers can make changes throughout the lifetime of their digital media campaigns.

Self Aware Apps


Our technology enables your smartphone to understand what it hears. Anything your dog can hear, we hear and understand. Our demo is on YouTube - search for "self aware apps"

Julie & Kate Baked Goods,LLC


Manufacturer of Marijuana Infused Products in Denver, CO. Creating healthy, potent edibles for medical marijuana patients and now anyone over the age of 21.

Bake the World a Better Place

doughnate.org - not up and running right now

Bake the World a Better Place is an organization that aims to receive homelessness while increasing the community potential through a strategic work-rent plan



We've designed and patented an Interactive Digital Mobile Engagement Platform with an Integrated Mobile Recharging Module that delivers a smartphone experience via a suite of custom developed interactive on-screen apps categorized as relevant information, interactive entertainment, and digital place-based advertisements to mobile users

Colorado Business Golf, Inc.


Imagine being a member of a peer advisory group ($1k per month+many hours), a high powered leads group ($600 per year+hours each week), and a popular networking group (Minimum $300+ per year+hours each month) = $13k+ and 240+ hours - SIX SOLID WEEKS MINIMUM - per year...NOW...Imagine all of that AND A WHOLE LOT MORE in a single chapter for a small fraction of the cost...no need to imagine...that's a Back Nine Board of Advisors franchise - called a Chapter - one Group - Growth, Golf, Games, Giving Back.

CRAVE Magazine is Colorado's premiere arts and culture publication. We cover the artistic genres of film, theatre, music, fashion, photography, visual art and more. We give a voice to the artists, contributors and even advertisers who help make CRAVE Magazine a success and Colorado a great place to live, work and play.

POLCO The Political Compass


POLCO is a simple social and rewarding political participation platform. We present users the current legislation, intelligent forums, and let them cast their vote and input. We organize voters by Congressional district and compare Reps with their constituents. Users can also associate into custom groups of family and friends. Last, American Govt teachers can build custom groups for their classes and get weekly reports of the quantity and quality of their students' participation: StockTrak for PoliSci.

Tamarins Sports, LLC d.b.a TAMAGEAR


TAMAGEAR outdoor gear and apparel is an active lifestyle and sports enthusiast product line. It is designed with the advantage of a highly fashionable, and extreme technical utility for your everyday adventurer and the rugged, active and backcountry enthusiasts alike. We figure, why not pair a stylish design with your everyday technical outdoor activities.

Health Warrior


Health Warrior is dedicated to vetting the world’s growers for the highest quality Chia and helping people conquer the challenges of their everyday lives. Centuries after the Aztec Warriors built an empire on the power of Chia, we learned about the benefits of Chia while reading the best-selling book Born to Run. Turns out Chia is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. We started to eat Chia every day, and suddenly we were stronger, healthier, and faster. With that, Health Warrior was born.

DMX Engage


DMX Engage is a brand delivery agency, focused on marketing automation. We service clients in healthcare, high tech, telecommunications, higher education and financial services. We are the preferred partner for SilverPop, one of the leading MA platforms in the industry.



Iexpress.Me utilizes the web browser to deliver simple design tools, a canvas and materials (art, craft, and design elements) from a digital marketplace to bring visual self-expression to people who love to be creative but find Photoshop difficult to use. The user experiences the joy of their own creativity without technology getting in the way. One can learn it in five minutes and make personal messages, albums, pins, eCards and posts from scratch that reflect their feelings and share their emotions.

Data Markets, Inc.


Data Markets, Inc. (DMI) has the vision of creating an electronic commerce platform for data that leverages deep insights into the unique economics of data to bring greater efficiency to the buying & selling of data. The platform we envision can be imagined as a hybrid between eBay and a commodities exchange for data. While we envision virtually any type of data being exchanged, part of our present "MVP testing" phase is to identify a select number of industries / vertical upon which to focus early on.

the Roost Stand


The Roost is an ultra-portable laptop stand designed to help you sit properly at your laptop.

Dakin Capital Services LLC


Provide services within the capital industry toward the goal of completing capital transactions. Key activity is start of the Seed Capital 2.0 Project - a learning community of experts on early stage capital to create comprehensive educational curriculum on topic.

Fresh Jets


Fresh Jets is an online private jet marketplace that matches charter company's excess capacity with businesses and leisure travelers instantaneously. Despite vast improvements in technology, commercial aviation is more miserable than ever. Fresh Jets provides private jet operators with an innovative platform that allows for efficient communication with the end user.

Auckland Outdoors


Auckland Outdoors is the marketplace to list, discover, and book gear for any outdoor activity. Utilizing supply from individuals and traditional rental shops, Auckland is the most convenient way for people to access the outdoor activities they love.

The Lung Cleaner LLC


The lung cleaner is the first, only and original all natural steam room in your pocket. It is a water, salt and eucalyptus oil inhaler.



Onceupon connects people to place through stories. This app allows users to write their stories and connect them to the place where the stories belong. It also allows readers to explore the stories that populate their world, and connect with people and place where they are. We believe in storytelling. We believe in the stories that each of us lives every day. We believe in connecting with our neighborhoods through the shared experience in the written word.

The Forum Stories


The Forum Stories exists to expose creativity and invite others in on the process through telling the true-life stories of entrepreneurs and artists. We do this via podcasts, events, and extended tours of the country (and have a lot of fun along the way!)



DevCamp.us helps people get started in web development by pairing them with a mentor to work on real-world projects ranging from simple brochure sites to full featured responsive web apps. Our clients benefit from having a structured team that combines the passion of a junior developer with the experience of a senior mentor. We build the team to build your dream.

No more planning via group texts, emails, and calendars. Myhub offers a mobile solution for sharing plans, pooling cash and getting friends together quickly. Our mobile platform combines event planning, peer-to-peer payments, and social networking for organizing any activity with your friends. It's fast, simple, social and available for free on the app store.



P2Binvestor is the first and only social funding platform for receivables-backed lines of credit. We provide small businesses with necessary working capital by crowdfunding their receivables to investors on our website. P2Binvestor is disrupting the 136 billion dollar receivables finance market. Our platform is making it easier and more efficient for small businesses to get the working capital they need to grow.



WeatherCloud turns vehicles into weather sensors. We crowdsource the data from all reporting vehicles to create highly granular, accurate hyper-local nowcasts and forecasts for weather and road conditions.

Camp Inc.


Camp Inc. is a Jewish overnight camp where teenagers from around the world join together to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur. Campers work together to launch a product or service using the skills and tools learned through daily team challenges, interactions with guest entrepreneurs, tours of local businesses, and weekly “Shark Tank” style pitch competitions. Camp Inc. is a program of the Boulder JCC.

Octa creates wildly inventive iPad accessories. The TabletTail modular positioning system makes using your tablet more enjoyable. It's inspired by the love of nature, evolution, and technology. The team is comprised of a small group of artists, philosophers, and inventors, constantly striving to combine beauty and functionality. They maintain a creative environment by combining work and playfulness in their Denver headquarters.



Instantnonprofit.com makes it easier to do good. We help nonprofit founders and leaders eliminate obstacles to their mission by providing online solutions for formation, 501c3 approval, and charitable solicitation compliance. These bureaucratic hassles are fraught with risk (for incomplete or erroneous filings) and draw precious time and money away from nonprofits' raison d'etre: making the world a better place. We provide cost savings, a predictable (even guaranteed!) outcome, and promise fast approvals.



OneReach is the intelligent phone and text solution that helps companies grow their business. We allow businesses to use their existing business phone number to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages. Users can incorporate advanced features over time to help grow their business using lead capture, proactive customer engagement and intelligent self-service capabilities.

Corrosion Solutions


Corrosion Solutions is a steel protection company that holds the exclusive license to a patented stainless steel surface modification technology that improves the utility of components that operate in the ultra-critical range (600°F – 1,400°F).

iTriage helps people take charge of their health Decision support tools to research problems, take action, and improve care. Founded by two emergency medicine physicians, iTriage® is a free mobile app and website that helps answer the two most common medical questions: “What could be wrong?” and “Where can I go?”.

Cubes llc


A truly unique marketing company that will transform they way small businesses and entrepreneurs do business.

Mile High IT


Mile High IT is a revolution IT support company. We live on the edge of technology and our clients are people looking to implement new age technology, such as cloud products, distributed office staff, voip technology etc. We consult for a variety of customers from Medical Marijuana dispensaries to private investor business centers on the centennial airport. We are changing our business model and have a very unique product we would love to get feedback on from 1MC community.

Piloto 151


Piloto 151 is the first coworking space and entrepreneurship growth organization in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We provide unique opportunities for entrepreneurs and mobile workers to work, collaborate and grow. Examples of unique and scaleable programs include our internship developer exchange where top coders are placed in US-based startups who in turn provide mentorship opportunities to local startup communities. Cloud Elements will be the first participating startup this January before program is scaled.

Zaca is a “be nice to your body company” which has products for busy and highly productive people who need to maintain the pace without the slumps everyday. If you live a work hard, play hard lifestyle, you’re one of us.

Alumni Day 12/11

LockState makes WiFi enabled door locks and other devices that are controlled over the internet from anywhere in the world. The company has disruptive technology that allows hospitality and commercial customers to centrally control thousands of doors, thermostats and more across multiple properties. While LockState is profitable with solid historic revenue, the company has developed and is launching a new product suite that will create an inflection point for accelerated growth.

The Premier Group


The Premier Group is a Denver-based staffing firm specializing in IT, Accounting and Finance, and Construction talent. We offer Direct Hire, Contract and Contract-to-Hire solutions to companies of all sizes.

Züm XR


Zum XR is the first ever natural energy drink with extended release caffeine and electrolytes. Our new-to-world product releases green tea caffeine and electrolytes over a 3-4 hour period, thus supplying sustained energy without the inevitable crash one gets from other caffeinated drinks. Züm XR is the only drink in the world with strong science and a patent behind it’s extended release claims. And it's delicious.

AppIt Ventures


We're an affordable mobile application development company that invests in our clients ideas. We take a revenue share in order to lower costs and help more entrepreneurs and small business owners build apps.



Self-service web application to aid tenants through commercial real estate transactions. We refund back to tenants the majority of commissions landlords pay, while still providing similar benefit of a commercial Realtor.

Cold Smoke Cargo

We create timeless, iconic, tangible representation of the mountains in and around ski towns. A daily connection to your best ski experiences.

Rental Kharma


First online system to enable consumers and small businesses to report rental payment history on credit reports.

Fervor Marketing


Fervor is more than just marketing, we make an impact by helping those who are out to do big things. We believe in doing things that matter and nothing else. Fervor is propelled by the power of The Collective, a group of splendidly-talented creatives brought together from across the country (or across the street) and set to work with purpose. We are aficionados of strategy, brand voice, and marketing. We exist because we believe strong collaboration can change the world and we think you'll agree.



LaunchUR is a youth entrepreneur accelerator that empower teens to share their voice, explore their ideas, start new ventures and fuel their potential as our next generation of problem solvers, innovators, small business owners and community leaders.

car2go NA LLC


An innovative car sharing service with one way vehicular transportation with free parking at Denver City meters.



ChronoScribe is a virtual one-stop-shop for History! This up-and-coming web solution is dedicated to the study, sharing, and collaboration of historical and current events from all over the world. Designed for so much more than being used in the classroom... ChronoScribe provides a social outlet and destination for the scholars, history buffs, enthusiasts, and general populations of the world.



Galvanize creates an “innovation ecosystem” designed to give entrepreneurs and innovators the best chance of success at the start of their next (or first) big thing. Through the three pillars of Capital, Community, and Curriculum, Galvanize builds a community greater than the sum of its parts to spark disruptive ideas and breakout companies.

TekDry, LLC


TekDry recovers liquid damaged electronics in as little as 20 minutes. Our patent-pending process is applicable to smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, or any other electronic device you can imagine.



Brandfolder is a simple way for companies to organize, present and share their brand assets online. We strive to provide the standard for accessing and delivering accurate brand information across companies.

Production Sciences Inc.


Production Science Inc engineers, manufactures, sales, and services downhole wireless gauges for oil and gas well applications.



Campuscene is redefining the way colleges and applicants communicate with and select one another through interactive media and data analytics.

Secure Ideas, LLC


Secure Ideas is an IT security consulting firm that specializes in penetration testing: Web, Mobile, Network, Physical; Architecture Reviews; Social Engineering / Networking, IT Governance, Security Policy / Procedures, Education, Presentations, and general consulting. Our goal is to provide clients with an objective understanding of their current security posture and perform unbiased consultation to effectively manage the risk through practical remediation of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Operation HOPE's HOPE Business In A Box


HOPE Business In A Box is Operation HOPE's flagship intervention program to crush the high school drop-out rate and unlock the entrepreneurial energy residing dormant among 30 million students across America.



Rawxies is a gluten-free, vegan and living foods company that creates delicious snacks that bridge the gap between nutritious food bars and indulgent desserts.

Red Rag and Bull


The world's first reaction-driven, Agile-style advertising agency.

uGurus LLC


uGurus is a Denver-based internet information product and platform company that produces video-based training and documentation teaching people how to run successful freelance and small creative agency businesses. We currently have a 9 person team.



LokalMotion is a mobile marketing and communications platform that allows businesses and organization to connect, engage and impress their mobile users. LokalMotion delivers a custom mobile website, integrated mobile communications and automation software to connect all of your marketing and communication channels.



Technology for Better Landscapes and Gardens - We create products that work in your yard.



Spiffit is an incentive delivery, management, measurement and fulfillment company. Spiff: Sales Program Incentive Fund - these are tactical funds used to drive specific sales results. Spiffs are most commonly employed with channel sales partners. A Spiff enables companies to directly influence the point of sale and capture saleforce top of mind. If you want to sell it - Spiffit !



TelepresenceRobots.com is an online marketplace providing reviews and ratings, forums, and other high quality information that will help you make an informed purchase in this new industry.



OpenBike is a data aggregation and recommendation engine for finding better bike routes in the Colorado Front Range.

Keystone Technology Design


Whether you are upgrading an existing system or adopting an entirely new technology, we will design the project to suit your needs. Keystone consults with clients and offers tailored project management services to address the complete life cycle of tech insertion.

Valid Evaluation, Inc.


Valid Eval is an easy-to-use online evaluation system for organizations that make and defend tough decisions. It illuminates the decision-making process while reducing subjectivity and minimizing bias. Valid Eval surfaces and organizes the normally hidden criteria used in complex evaluations, which increases evaluator accountability and confidence in outcomes. The system also synthesizes and contextualizes evaluator responses, resulting in clear, concise, credible feedback.

Denver Bacon Company


Producing a butcher's cut, maple bacon locally here in Denver. Bacon recipe is from Chef Justin Brunson of Masterpiece Deli and Old Major restaurant. Soon to come more bacon related products and other smoked/cured meats.

Wayin is a social hub platform that connects brands with their audience, helping them to better leverage their social media presence. Wayin aggregates and visualizes social content to give companies the ability to curate and customize public-facing social experiences on any site or device. Brands are able to provide a dynamic and flexible experience for consumers that can be molded in the moment to take advantage of real-time events.



White and private label video on demand platform

TAGster, Inc.


TAGster provides major brands with a lost and found, or emergency contact system that can easily be integrated into their existing products or services. TAGster is free for consumers.



iGivefirst is a platform, created to revolutionize how you support the causes you care about. We make it easy to find qualified nonprofits, safely contribute when the urge to help feels strongest, and use media to spread the word.

Redneck Pipe Rentals, LLC


Drill pipe rental and repair.

evver, Inc.


Evver is a social platform that allows people to make amazing videos out of their still photos and choreograph them to music. The basis service is free with upgrades for cool stuff.

Flour Gal


Lyla had a dream, to bake special cupcakes for special people and that is why she created Flour Gal in 2010, when she was just ten years old. Armed with delectable recipes and a dedication to making cupcakes from scratch with the freshest ingredients, Lyla is pursuing her mission to create smiles by the dozen. “I just love baking cupcakes and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they take a bite!”

Hot Straw, LLC


While working as a clinical researcher with Parkinson's patients, Dawn Miracle realized that her patients could not drink hot liquids because of their hand tremors. She knew a straw was the answer, but regular straws cannot stand up to hot liquids; they leach chemicals into the drink. Dawn created Hot Straw as a solution for her patients but quickly realized the retail potential for all consumer coffee drinkers. Especially, coffee drinkers who whiten their teeth.

Wimbo Music, Inc.


Wimbo Music is an app that gives you the power to control each of the instruments and vocals that make up your favorite songs.

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